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Body Mechanics

In practical styles, like ours, karate techniques are actually very simple. It's usually just students who make it difficult for themselves. Let yourself go and it comes pretty quickly.

"Let yourself go." That's the trick - and a part of the lesson.

But there's more to technique than learning moves. Physics matters.

In karate, learning is never about just one thing. We teach you a really simple stance and you're immediately confronted with the fact that doing something and doing it right are different matters - which is why you keep getting knocked off balance.

Little things count! Like knowing to keep the lugnuts in your pocket while you change a tire. Remembering to do it is even more important!

In mastering all these 'simple' techniques, you will encounter doubt, humility, challenge, courage, frustration, self-confidence, victory...

In this way, from your very first lesson, you begin developing all aspects of the weapon, and the instrument, that is you.

And that, in the long run, is a lot more interesting than roundhouse kicks.

Instructing Technique - Heito Block
Tamashiwara - Board Breaking

Soul Connection

Here's the secret (or the elephant in the room):

Mastering technique is the beginning, not the end of the journey.

The whole 'body, mind, spirit' concept is a real thng. Karate starts with doing, moves on to understanding, ends with feeling.

Explaining how that works takes more room than we have here. We can say that the first time you 'do' something that amazes even yourself - that is a game changer!

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