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Karate for Children

"Same same, only different."

Our kids have fun.

We want to make that clear up front because you might wonder after hearing that we also work them harder than perhaps anywhere else they go.

But as serious as we are about training children properly, we know that what we do is intended to cultivate their amazing spirit, not extinguish it.

Some kids immediately take to the experience while others need to adjust. But, once on board, they blossom in being treated with respect and having the personal sense of accomplishment for even small victories they themselves had to earn. You can actually see it happening.

Kids are quick to pick up that their instructor's stainless-steel insistence comes from honest devotion - to them. That they won't be given up on when they struggle. That they won't be played.

There's nothing here about actual karate lessons because they really are the same as for adults - with modification, of course!

Follow this link below to Karate for Men, Women and Teens for details about our training program.

And please, see our Student Life page about how our students have fun, and the way we celebrate their incredible efforts.

Girl karate student performing a 'take down' on an adult
Instructor checking child students

Practice Makes Progress

And Perfection Practice makes sense.

When learning anything, repetition is a fact of life. This is especially true for karate. Unfortunately, in our computer oriented world, it's becoming a lost art.

People, particularily kids, find repetition boring. And that's where Perfection Practice comes in because this method is neither mindless nor without purpose.

Instead, each set is unique and another concrete step toward greater ability. Looking at practice this way isn't boring - until it is. Boring, you see, is the mental signal that you're moving on to the next stage referred to as 'muscle memory'. Something every master craftsman from carpenters, to jet pilots, to surgeons relies upon.

Perfection Practice is an invaluable learning skill. For kids, however, it initially requires a lot of support from both their instructors and those they want even more to please - their parents.

The bottom line is, learn it now or wish you had when you get to law school!

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