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Adult Students


Yin Yang

The universal symbol of martial arts.

Yin, the mystic Feminine. Dark, soft, the Tiger stalking the Earth. Yang, the mystic Masculine. Light, hard, the Dragon rising to Heaven.

Two different sides to the same coin, within each lies the spark of the other.

We only attempt here to address a few concerns specific to men and women. But all these ideas apply equally to both.
In a proper dojo, the only distinction made is between students and teachers.

Individuals may be bigger, smaller, younger, older, stronger, weaker, but there is where differences end.


Sometimes a few thoughts can teach more than a chapter.
  • We want to improve who we are, not prove it to others.
  • "Gentleness can only be expected from the strong."
  • "We ain't playing checkers here."
  • "There are no better styles, only better men."
  • "Old tigers don't get stronger; they get smarter."
  • Karateka (students) are sometimes known as toxically aggressive 'fighters' or ineffective 'dancers'. Not ours.


Sometimes a few thoughts can teach more than a chapter.

  • Karate is transformative. Training changes how you see the world and empowers the way you react to it.
  • Karate training is not inherently brutal.
  • Karate is designed to level the advantage of large people over small people. Gender isn't an issue. There is a difference between strength and power. Karate is based on power. And power comes from good technique, not size.
  • In the dojo, we measure everyone against a single standard: Good Student. After that, men and women are free to be themselves.

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