Most campuses offer 'student life' programs to provide a broader and enriched educational environment. We also offer such services by holding special training and social events throughout the year for our students and families. Our teaching staff works double-duty as a team on each project, producing the most professional and enjoyable experience for all while maintaining a solid connection with our martial ideals.

Here are some of our favorite annual events - many that have been going on for over 30 years!

  • Dojo Anniversary Festival.   For all our members and families. A two day celebration featuring food, special games and our annual Dojo Warrior obstacle course competition. "There can be only one!"
  • Halloween Party.   Junior and teen students only. Truly old fashioned, traditional Halloween fun. (No chain saws or entrails allowed!) Includes a special short workout with a suitably 'frightening' class theme.
  • Generations Party.   Adult members only. A celebration of teachers, past, present and future that also marks the occasions of Mr. Jenkins' and Mr. Musco's birthdays. Imaginative themes are the order of the day. (We once turned the dojo into a cruise ship!)
  • 'Enkai'.   For all members. A Japanese word meaning 'after party' that we take advantage of every chance we get! From informal after class get-togethers, to post event off-premise celebrations, to us, enkai might be better described as the 'second half' of nearly everything we do.
  • Road Trips.   For all members. We keep an eye out for local concerts by the internationally famous Kodo Drummers for a special culturally rich night out. We also periodically embark on adventures to visit some iconic area eateries.


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