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East Morris Karate Academy

East Morris Karate Academy



Where "the street" and the Way meet.

We won't change the world. We prepare people who might.



The "West Street Dojo"



 Tradition  •  Society  •  Profession

Since 1981
Classic Martial Arts Training


 General Information


  • Our students learn the traditional Okinawan style of karate known as Isshin-ryu as well as a variety of classical weapons.

Competence in combat for everyone, regardless of athletic ability, is our physical training mission. Growth of character is our even greater aim for each individual student. In other words, EMKA is a traditional dojo in the literal sense - it is not a sports gym, a fight club or a frat house.


We accept students from 5 years of age and up. The average tenure of our students is three times that of the industry norm.


  • Our students are taught the ability to translate martial principles into relevant, practical strategies for successful daily life.

What distinguishes a martial arts dojo from others is our mental and spiritual focus in conjunction with rigorous physical training standards. This is the teaching mission known as Budo - the approach to martial arts study that’s world famous for its character building reputation. We are committed to achieving this goal for each student; not paying lip service with slogans.


We, of course, aren't the only karate training program who thinks as we do. However, dojo like ours are becoming increasingly rare. They say that, statistically, most people won't travel more than ten minutes from home to buy anything. So naturally, Murphy's Law holds that the best karate schools are, invariably, just over 11 minutes away!


  • Our members benefit from our professionalism.

How a school conducts its business significantly effects every aspect of your experience including the actual training. There's no way around it. We look to business models used by professional practices (law, medicine, etc.) for guidance rather than that of retailers or amateur clubs and programs – which often lead to customer abuse and excess.


Our tuition is calculated based on expenses, not profit margins. We have members, not customers.



For Parents

We teach karate to kids; not "kiddie karate".


We believe teaching otherwise is dishonest to you and disrespectful to them.


Having said that, our students do have fun training - and without making a game out of it. As serious as we are about what we do, we never forget they are children. BUT, we also know that, given a challenge to rise to, they (sooner or later!) will distinguish themselves greatly.


The work isn't always easy and never simple, but we have been teaching children well since 1981, and our staff highly trained staff is experienced and motived. All we ask is your patience with your child, your dedication to their development and your support of our efforts.


Some other features of our dojo include:

  • Authentic. Karate. Training. We guarantee all three.
  • Practice is expected and attendance monitored.
  • Rank promotions are based on achievement and growth, and are not automatic.
  • Class discipline is maintained. Students must behave properly on the floor and off.
  • Each class is custom planned, and all students are engaged throughout the class.
  • Each student is assigned two instructors to monitor his or her development.
  • All students are individually checked at each class.
  • We have a liberal makeup policy for missed classes (when properly excused).
  • Extra classes and/or help are available and included in your tuition.
  • Rank testing and belts are included in your tuition.
  • Only essential equipment, such as sparring gear and uniforms, are required for purchase.



For Adults


We have one of the largest groups of men and women karate practitioners around.

At one time, that wasn't such an unusual statement. In fact, not until the early 70's would karate schools accept anyone under age 17 or 18. (My teacher, Mr. Jenkins, was among the first of them.)


Today, many would have you believe that karate is for only children, and MMA is for adults. Nonsense. Some instructors still remember how to train grownups properly, and we are among the very best of them.


Half of our dojo is adults, and over a dozen of them have more than 25 years of training. We continue to take in former students of other styles who'd nearly given up on again finding an honestly traditional dojo.


Here are some other misconceptions we'd like to correct:

  • Karate is not a sport. There is no "tapping out" in karate - or in the street.

Karate, done properly, is the best form of unarmed self-defense in the world. (The U.S. Marine Corps teaches it to combat troops. Enough said?)

  • You don't have to get into shape before you can begin studying.
  • You need not start out especially coordinated, flexible or strong to learn.
  • No one is too old to begin training or grows too old to continue.
  • You needn't risk crippling yourself to train. Injuries in a true dojo are rare.
  • Even the busiest of people can have a workable class schedule.
  • Yes, karate training is worthwhile - and in ways you've yet to imagine.


Perform every new student's very first technique:

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973 884-2224


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Martial Promise, Inc. admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs and athletic and other school-administered programs.