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The web already contains a wealth of material on martial arts technique, history, training methods, not to mention enough marketing content to make your eyes cross.


But rarely do we find articles about how to put martial arts study into any kind of practical use; how to get the most from yourself and your teachers; candid opinions based on actual experience... and like that.


Here, you’ll find lots of "like that" items — from how to best study and grow from your training, to applications for daily issues of concern to students, parents, the community, our martial arts industry, just about anyone.


(In fact, here's a small challenge: If there’s a topic or issue of interest to you, no matter how far a-field it seems, please email us and see if we can surprise you with a martial arts application to address it.)


Please explore and enjoy.


  • On Teaching

    Profession related issues are of value to more than just instructors.

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  • On Learning

    Any good instructor can show students What. Here you'll find How's and Why's to get more from your study.

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  • On Everything

    Practical applications of martial strategy and wisdom to daily life, business success, and more.

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  • On Mr. Jenkins

    "To know the father, observe the son."  Works both ways... sometimes.

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